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postal forms

PS Form 3821 Clearance Receipt

PS Form 3867 Accountable Mail Log

PS Form 8190 Joint Step A Grievance Form

PS Form 3971 Request for Notification of Absence

PS Form 1571 Undelivered Mail Report

PS Form 1017A  Time Disallowance Record

PS Form 1017B Unauthorized Overtime Record

PS Form 1216 Change of Address - Employee

PS Form 2240 Pay Adjustment Request

PS Form 1564A Delivery Instructions

PS Form 3970D Request to Donate Leave

PS Form 3970R Request to Receive Donated Leave

PS Form 3996 Carrier - Auxiliary Control

PS Form 4056 Your Mailbox Needs Attention

PS Form 3999 Inspection of Letter Carrier Route

PS Form 1838-C Carrier Count of Mail

PS Form 2565 EEO Complaint

PS Form 1700 Accident Worksheet

PS Form 3189 Request for Schedule Change

PS Form 1767 Report of Hazardous Condition

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